Account setup, strategy and daily posting

Every social media marketing campaign starts with the account itself (you can’t do anything without one, after all). So, we’ll set it all up for you, be it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. Basically, we’ll do the laborious, boring bit for you and make it look all swish.

Then comes the strategy. This is where we’ll sit down with you over a coffee (or Skype call) and discuss how best to approach your market via social media. Not every platform will be suitable to your business, but we’ll suss out those that will put you in front of the most relevant audience.

Once the strategy is decided, we’ll begin the fun bit – daily posting. The content we create for your social media marketing campaign is led by the strategy, but it’s also unique, engaging and mixes well-written copy with eye-catching imagery.

Social media ad campaigns

Sometimes, it makes sense to throw some budget at social media marketing in the form of advertising campaigns. Pay-per-click (PPC) services like those found on Facebook enable you to reach highly targeted audiences and encourage them to interact by placing an order, making an enquiry or simply liking your page.

Social media PPC campaigns are tricky to set up and monitor, but that’s where we come in; we’ll create beautiful ad campaigns for you and ensure the audience is tightly defined for maximum return on investment.

Want to know more?

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