Podcasts are essentially mini radio shows. Typically offered for free, they can be downloaded to virtually any internet-connected device and enjoyed at the listener’s pleasure. When used correctly for marketing purposes, they represent a brilliant way to tap into an audience you might otherwise miss.

Here’s the bad news: producing podcasts is time consuming and requires skills in audio production, interviewing and a solid knowledge of content marketing.

Here’s the good news: Business Fiction can provide a full podcasting service, from initial consultation to strategy, production, presentation and publishing.

The initial consultation

Every business podcast needs a strategy, which is why we’ll start by sitting down with you to discuss how we can use podcasting to best support your marketing efforts. We’ll also talk about the topics and guests that will bring your podcast to life and how each episode could be structured. From there, we’ll work on a proposal to deliver a fully managed podcasting service for your business.


Once the strategy is decided, we’ll get cracking with the fun bit: recording and producing the podcasts! Our podcasting studio is portable, which means we can visit you on site at your premises to undertake the recording. Podcasts can either be hosted by you, or we can provide a professional host, if you’d rather not do that bit yourself.

Post production and publishing

Once we’ve recorded your podcast, we’ll take away the raw audio to be edited and fully produced, complete with a soundtrack and other sound effects, if required. You’ll get the chance to have a listen and ensure you’re happy with the final edit before we publish it for you on iTunes and other podcasting networks.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to find out more about our podcasting service, contact us today!