Content Marketing Service

We can help you reduce your reliance on Google Adwords with content marketing.

Content marketing

Content marketing for your business

In order to attract followers, increase newsletter subscribers and position your business as a thought leader within its chosen industry, you need to tell a story.

Content marketing is time consuming and requires skill, persistence and a great deal of experience if it is to prove effective in the long run. Business Fiction can tell the story of your business and build an invaluable following through the creation of unique and engaging blog content.

We’ll turn followers into paying customers who view your business as an expert within its field.

If you don’t have a blog, we can set it up. If you are struggling for inspiration, we can help with the strategy. If you have oodles of stuff you want to write about but lack confidence in your literacy skills, we can bring you out of your shell.

Content marketing services:

  • Monthly, on-going blogging for businesses
  • Assistance with content marketing strategy
  • Wordpress blog setup
  • E-shot configuration, send and analytics
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