How I’m mixing digital and analogue to remain productive

As a leader, you need to have a strong grasp of productivity. It needs to be something you strive for day-in, day-out, and a mantra by which you live your life. And the reason is simple: being productive is an awful lot of fun. It just happens to make you successful, too. Ticking off every [...]

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How to get seriously productive as a creative freelancer

Freelancing can be a lonely endeavour. Sometimes, that’s a great thing, but it presents a number of challenges, too. On the positive side, it means you have no boss to tell you what you can and can’t do, and, typically, no distracting co-workers to get in the way of the task in hand. However, when [...]

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I’ve discovered the secret to productivity, and it lies in early mornings

Let’s skip back five years. If I had the chance to ask my future self a question back then, there’d be one I’d reach for immediately. “Why on earth do you get up so early?” Let’s get one thing straight - I’m absolutely rubbish in the morning. If you ever have the misfortune of coming [...]

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5 reasons every ecommerce business needs a blog

If you’re running an ecommerce business, I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess that you want to generate a huge amount of traffic to your website. So, you’ve created the store itself, filled it with products adorned with beautiful imagery and engaging descriptions, and set up the mother of all pay-per-click [...]

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The 5 tools I use daily to smash my to-do list

Like many, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying out new devices and apps that are apparently designed to make me more productive. In reality, very few do, because I seem to spend more time setting them up than actually getting stuff done. Then, there are the tools I’ve found that just work. They’re [...]

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5 things about your content that might be turning visitors off

There’s nothing worse in digital marketing than spending months on a new website only to check your analytics a few weeks after launch to find that the bounce rate exceeds 90%. Why aren’t people staying for longer? What is it about your content that’s turning them off? In truth, there can be a huge number [...]

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How I plan for a holiday as an independent worker

I’m a little bit scared of going on holiday. There - I admitted it. And, if you’re a fellow independent worker, you might want to do the same, because when there’s no other person to whom you can hand your outstanding tasks come holiday time, the prospect of downing-tools is rather unpalatable. The same goes [...]

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5 reasons I’ll be starting a podcast for my micro business

I’ve long been a fan of podcasts. Whether I’m walking the dog, pounding out the kilometres on the treadmill or driving to the local shop, I’ll regularly turn to one of the many podcast subscriptions I have to keep me company. I’m also a content marketer, and it would seem remiss of me if I [...]

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I replaced my laptop with an iPad Pro for a month. Here’s what happened

Apple firmly believes the iPad Pro to be a worthy replacement for the laptop. But can it really replace the device on which you’ve relied for years to help you be productive and manage every area of your work? To find out, I set myself a challenge. I decided to close my laptop and give [...]

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Still laughing at the idea of Instagram marketing? It’s time to stop and jump on board

Instagram, the photo sharing service acquired by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012, now boasts more than 400 million active users. And, having recently introduced the ability to advertise to that colossal user base, the most visually appealing of social networks is welcoming on board an increasing number of business customers. This is why, as [...]

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