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Business Fiction can turn your company into a thought leader. It’s time to turn followers into paying customers

Mark Ellis

Mark Ellis
Mark EllisDirector

About Business Fiction Ltd

Business Fiction is, in fact, me – Mark Ellis. I’m a content marketer, copywriter and marketing director from Northampton, England, and I’m passionate about helping businesses tell their story.

Poorly-written website content, indecipherable email newsletters and social media posts featuring more ‘text speak’ that good, old fashioned English spurred me on to start Business Fiction.

I can help your business become a trusted thought leader within its industry, drive more traffic to your website and convert followers and newsletter subscribers into paying customers. It’s a tried and tested marketing technique which will help you reduce your reliance on Google Adwords and other paid forms of promotion.

There’s no magic involved, no keyword trickery and absolutely no copy-and-paste; just unique, engaging and genuinely helpful content for your existing and would-be customers. It’ll draw them to you, build a layer of trust and convince them that you’re worth investing in.

Leave the words to me. They’ll be in good hands.

Contact me today. I’d love to chat through your digital marketing requirements.

  • Content marketing for businesses of all sizes
  • Bespoke business blogging
  • Social media management
  • Copywriting of all kinds
  • Website content MOTs

Your words are in safe hands.

Contact Mark today to discuss your content marketing, copywriting or social media requirements.