4 productivity tips that will supercharge your next marketing campaign

If you work in marketing, you’ll know this feeling well.

You’ve got a brilliant idea for a campaign and you know it’s likely to result in plenty of leads and confirmed orders. The problem is that you just can’t seem to action it.

Whatever you and the team do, it just doesn’t happen.

There’s a reason for this, and it’s not because it’s a bad idea. The reason you can’t get that marketing campaign off the ground is because you’re not productive enough. But don’t worry – this is a common problem that can be solved.

Here’s my favourite productivity tips that will supercharge your next marketing campaign!

1. Don’t over-plan the work

One of the most common mistakes made by marketing teams is to over-plan. In doing so, you end up with to-do lists coming out of your ears and whiteboards full of brilliant ideas that will probably never see the light of day.

Pull back! Don’t go all-out straight away. If you instead under-plan the work (as daft as it might sound), you’ll be able to see the wood for the trees and attack the marketing campaign in small, bite-sized chunks.

2. Develop a daily routine

True, we now live in the age of the flexible worker, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t develop a routine for each day – particularly when you’re working on a big marketing campaign.

For each day, plan when task A will be tackled, at which point email and social can be reviewed, when task B begins, lunchtimes, gym sessions and when you’ll begin planning for the next day.

If everyone in the team develops a relatively consistent daily routine, you’ll all get more done; it’ll be a productivity domino effect.

3. Avoid social media and email distraction

I alluded to this above, but there are two things that can really spoil your productivity when it comes to any job, but particularly in marketing.

Given your likely proximity to one or several devices that provide access to the internet, the urge to check email and social media feeds regularly might prove too much.

When this happens, you end up spending more time scanning your inbox and replying needlessly quickly to emails and incoming mentions than you do working on the marketing task in hand.

Stop! Use my daily routine tip above to set aside specific times during the day when social and email use is the only thing you focus on. Treating email like regular mail (i.e. only checking it once or twice a day) is no bad thing at all.

Sometimes, it’s the smallest things you do that make the biggest difference.

4. Work on one key task at a time

If you’ve followed my first tip, you should have a plan of work that is both exciting and entirely achievable.

Unfortunately, many people make a classic mistake at this stage, which undoes all of that hard work; they attempt to tackle several tasks at once.

This will never work. Instead, work on one key task at a time either as a team or individually. Never deviate from it and ensure it remains your one focus until it’s finished. This works – brilliantly.

Wrapping up

I hope my tips above help in your quest to become an ultra-productive marketing team. At first, they might feel a little alien and even unproductive, but stick with them – trust me!