5 benefits of using Skype for podcasting

I love podcasts, whether I’m listening, sat behind the mic presenting or buried away in my studio editing.

There’s something about this form of content marketing that’s endearing and addictive, but many people mistakenly believe its hard, expensive and time-consuming to produce.

Thankfully, recording a podcast can be made eminently easier by turning to Skype, and in this post, I’m going to list five reasons you should do just that.

1. It breaks down international barriers for guests

Choose Skype as your method for recording a podcast, and you don’t have to arrange for people to be present in the same room. That means you can look far and wide for guests, without fear of them turning you down based on your location.

2. The audio quality is surprisingly good

Much is written about the importance of good quality audio on podcasts, and while my roots as an audio geek occasionally sway me into that camp, there’s no escaping the fact that most people will probably listen to your podcast on the tinny headphones that came with their smartphone.

So, if you’re just starting out, you can definitely get away with recording your first few podcasts on Skype via your laptop’s microphone. Very few people will notice!

I’ve recorded a bunch of podcasts where guests have used all manner of questionable mics, but none of them have had a detrimental impact on the end result.

Remember – the content is far more important than the mic you’re using!

3. You can record video, too

Podcasts don’t have to be audio only.

If you fancy putting faces to the voices, you can easily record the video from your Skype session, adding further depth and personality to the content.

4. You can have a great roundtable discussion

Skype allows more than one person to join a call, which offers some pretty compelling opportunities for podcasting.

If you want to hold a roundtable discussion or debate on a particular topic and need to bring in guests from across the globe, you can do so easily with Skype and at no cost to anyone but their time.

5. You only need your laptop

The final benefit is one that pretty much ties the previous four together.

When using Skype for podcasting, you need one device – your laptop. Sure, you might want to throw in a pair of headphones and a decent USB mic, but if you need to get up and running quickly, or simply want to give podcasting a try, there’s no need to spend money on anything else.

Equally, you won’t need to set up mics or watch as people trip over your cables and knock over mic stands. Skype podcasts are satisfyingly straightforward, tech-wise.

Wrapping up

If I’ve done my job correctly, you’re hopefully now itching to try out your first podcast with Skype – and that probably means you’re wondering how on earth to record the call.

For this task, I wholeheartedly recommend Ecamm and their Call Recorder plug-in for Skype. It’s not free, but it does the job brilliantly and records both video and audio with separate tracking, if you need it.

Have fun!