How to use technology to your advantage with video content marketing

Who’d have thought we’d find ourselves in a world where marketing videos can be recorded, edited and published with nothing more than your mobile phone?

Clearly, as a marketing professional, I’m always going to advise you engage with a professional video production company, but the fact we can all ‘bash out’ quick videos means the world is our oyster when it comes to creating great content on the go.

So, here’s a few techy tips for creating video content that’ll be fit for sharing far and wide:

Use your smartphone

If you’ve got a relatively new smartphone (and by ‘relatively new’, I mean one made within the last four years, or so), you’ve got one hell of a camera in your pocket.

Most will competently record at a resolution of 1080p (full HD), while the newest will go as far as 4K (ultra HD). What’s more, they usually do lots of clever image processing for you, ensuring the footage you take is as smooth, colourful and sharp as it should be.

Install a video editing app

Professional video marketing companies use lots of expensive computer hardware and software to edit footage, but you can do a pretty good job yourself from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.

What’s more, if you use the same device on which the footage was shot to edit the video, you’ll save a whole bunch of time moving files around. Most modern video editing apps also enable you to publish directly to services like YouTube once you’re finished.

Try Skype

Video marketing is at its best when you create content that provides a behind-the-scenes insight into your business.

A great way to do this is to hold a Skype session with a colleague, customer or partner and record both the audio and video. The result is a natural conversation committed to disk that can be used to enrich blog posts and add some real personality to your content marketing strategy.

Buy some low-cost accessories

As great as your smartphone might be at recording footage, it might need a little help from some low-cost accessories. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your in-house marketing videos look good.

A mini tripod will do the world of good when it comes to creating ultra-still footage or for when doing a piece to camera, while a selfie stick is a great way to perform the latter and do some serious vlogging out on the road.

Invest in an action cam

Action cams like the highly popular GoPro range offer brilliant ways to capture unique video for your marketing campaigns.

Strap one to a vehicle in your fleet, place it in the office for a time-lapse view of people at work or simply use your action cam to create daily vlogs about the business.

Action cams can be placed just about anywhere, which opens up a world of creative possibilities for video content marketing.

Wrapping up

None of the tech above will cost you a fortune to purchase or use, but everything I’ve listed will enable you to create in-house marketing videos that you can be proud of and which – more importantly – your audience will instantly engage with.

Have fun, experiment and use technology to your advantage. There’s a Steven Spielberg hidden in your business somewhere…