6 tips for attracting listeners to your shiny new podcast

So, you’ve recorded your first podcast, edited it and published to the world on iTunes.


But where are all those lovely listeners? Why aren’t people tuning in and subscribing to your new creation?

Unfortunately, despite research suggesting 55% of people are now familiar with the term ‘podcast’, you won’t attract listeners without a bit of proactive work on your part.

No matter how great your content is, if you fail to do the necessary groundwork and strategic planning, this brilliant form of content marketing won’t get you far; you’ll simply publish podcasts that disappear into the ether.

Clearly, you don’t want that, so here’s six brilliant tips for attracting those all important listeners:

1. Pick the right guests

Podcasts are at their best when they feature guest appearances from people who are well known within the industry.

This is why it pays to spend plenty of time sussing out the best possible guests for your blog. Get friendly with influencers in your sector and ask if they’ll take part, because the more well-known they are, the more chance you’ll have of your podcast gaining traction.

Such people are a great source of promotion, too, because the likelihood is they’ll share the podcast with their network, too.

2. Make use of tagging

The great thing about podcasts is that they’re essentially audio files, and that gives you the ability to ‘tag’ them with relevant phrases or keywords.

The more consistent and thorough you are with your tags, the more prominent your podcasts will be in search listings and directories.

3. Be consistent with your publishing schedule

Podcasting is a form of content marketing, and the same rules apply when it to comes to posting your output regularly and consistently.

A great way to do this is to treat your podcast like a radio show, which are well versed at building loyal listener bases by producing quality content consistently.

Create a schedule for your podcast just like your favourite radio show – and stick to tit.

4. Combine each podcast with a blog post

Every time you publish a podcast, you have a unique opportunity to create a corresponding blog post.

It doesn’t have to be anything more than a couple of paragraphs introducing the episode, but its mere existence will be yet another outlet for your hard work.

5. Make a noise in your niche

Podcasting is an incredibly popular form of brand promotion, and word soon gets about if what you’re producing is consistently worth listening to.

Raise the profile of your podcasts by making a noise (if you’ll excuse the pun) within industry forums and relevant groups on LinkedIn. People will soon catch on and word will almost certainly start to spread.

6. Make your content undeniably brilliant

I’ve alluded a fair bit in this post to the importance of quality content, but I’ve unfortunately heard far too many examples of podcasts that have clearly been rushed and not properly thought through.

Each episode you record needs thorough planning and treating with the respect it deserves. People will only listen (and continue to listen) to your podcasts if they’re worth listening to!

Make each episode better than the last.

Wrap up

The ease with which anyone can publish content online these days has given birth to an extremely wide range of media. This is great for content creators and businesses, but it creates something of a problem, too.

The pot of ‘stuff’ to listen to, read and watch online is absolutely colossal, therefore getting yourself heard and respected above the noise is challenging.

However, follow my tips above, and your podcasting efforts shouldn’t go unnoticed. They’re not foolproof, and it’ll take time, persistence and patience, but the pay-off really is worth it.