6 super-simple podcasting tips that will engage your audience

Podcasting is a fantastic medium for businesses who want to reach large, engaged audiences and establish a layer of trust that will result in new sales leads and increased prominence within their industry.

It isn’t easy, though, and if you’ve just embarked on a new marketing strategy that includes this form of content, I’ve got six little details you’ll need to work on to ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste:

1. A brief outline

No podcast can survive without an outline.

This isn’t a script (yuck), either. More a guiding hand through the episode. Five or six bullet points for topics of discussion is all you need, and the outline is something you should always focus on intently while you’re preparing for the podcast.

2. A subject you’re passionate about

You might think this goes without saying, but I’ve listened to far too many podcasts where it’s clear either the presenter or guest isn’t particularly passionate about the topic in question.

If you have a hunch that it might be a boring thing to natter about for thirty minutes – ditch it. Go with something that fires you up!

3. The outtake

To add a bit of extra character to your podcast, you can include a short ‘outtake’ at either the start or the end. This might be a bit of banter between you and the guests during the pre-record or a mistake that was made halfway through.

Whatever it is, make it a ‘thing’ for each episode. It’s a bit of light relief and will be a signature element of the podcast that people remember.

4. A decent mic

A simple one, this.

Don’t record the podcast on a cheap, low-quality microphone. You only need to spend around £60 to get a USB mic that will sound a thousand times better, and it really does make all the difference to the listening experience.

5. The accompanying blog

Recording, editing and publishing a podcast takes time, which is why you’d be forgiven for avoiding adding to the workload, but an accompanying blog post is a must.

It doesn’t have to be a 500-word affair, either. Just a short introduction, bullet-pointed list of discussion areas (your outline will help here) and links to the websites of those involved is all you need.

6. And finally: space to breathe

There are unfortunately lots of podcasts out there where people battle for their five minutes in the spotlight. This results in a conversation that is littered with guests jumping in and hosts talking over everyone in a desperate bid to keep things on track.

Podcasts need to breathe, and empty, silent space is absolutely fine. If you’re the host, give everyone the chance to speak and ensure you don’t interrupt when someone is mid-flow. A gentle reminder to your guests that everyone should take their time will help you produce a podcast that’s a pleasure to listen to.

Enjoy podcasting – it’s one of the most addictive forms of content marketing.

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