How I’m mixing digital and analogue to remain productive

As a leader, you need to have a strong grasp of productivity. It needs to be something you strive for day-in, day-out, and a mantra by which you live your life.

And the reason is simple: being productive is an awful lot of fun. It just happens to make you successful, too.

Ticking off every to-do item on your list by the end of each working day offers an immense amount of satisfaction, and it’ll propel your career onto bigger and better things.

Recently, I’ve been shifting my productivity techniques from digital to analogue. I’ve gone back and forth until I’ve realised that there is actually a brilliant balance between the two. In today’s blog, I’d like to explain how I’m mixing analogue and digital working to be productive.

There are three areas in particular I’ve been perfecting:

1. I don’t just take notes in digital form

Have you ever tried bullet journalling? I have, and it’s fabulous.

This awesome form of note taking is creative and, most importantly, addictive. It relies on nothing more than a pen, notepad and a few guiding principles.

It might seem odd to be relying on such analogue forms of note taking in the digital age, and I haven’t disbanded with my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, either, but there’s nothing quite like the traditional feeling of pen and paper.

What’s more, pen and paper can’t crash or become corrupted and will never need a software update halfway through a meeting.

2. I’m reinvesting time in face-to-face communication

In a past business life, I spent a huge amount of time on the road, meeting face-to-face with customers and partners. I loved it, but have since reverted to an almost digital existence.

Meetings are now swapped for Skype sessions, and I’m more inclined to blast out an instant message than I am to call someone up.

This has its benefits, but I’ve recently started to miss that face-to-face contact. So, I’m investing more time in seeing people. It involves more time and cost, sure, but the benefits of occasionally stepping outside the digital realm and into your car to see an important customer are as compelling as they’ve ever been.

3. I spend my downtime in both realms

Working isn’t always about literally working; the time you spend away from the desk doing the things you love is just as important to being ultra productive.

This is why I have made a conscious effort to indulge in both digital and analogue activities. The former might be an hour or two’s gaming, while the latter is, more often than not, a long dog walk or energetic trip to the gym. As a result, I feel like I’m treating myself to the hobbies I love and getting enough exercise to keep my mind and body work-ready.

Wrapping up

These tips aren’t solely for leaders – they’ll work for any worker in any industry.

They may not work for you, though. Perhaps you prefer a digital work existence or one that is more traditionally analogue. Whatever your tipple, just make sure your working methods are productive methods, because that to-do list isn’t going to complete itself!

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