5 reasons every ecommerce business needs a blog

If you’re running an ecommerce business, I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess that you want to generate a huge amount of traffic to your website.

So, you’ve created the store itself, filled it with products adorned with beautiful imagery and engaging descriptions, and set up the mother of all pay-per-click campaigns to draw people in.

Erm… I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news – you’re only halfway there.

Your ecommerce website also needs a blog, and I’m going to take another wild stab in the dark and guess that you probably had that particular item nestled way down your to-do list.

Here’s why it needs to rise to the top:

1. It’ll increase the depth and quality of your content

A common mistake made by ecommerce businesses is to have product pages that are somewhat thin on content.

However, even if you bump up the word count for each product, there’s still more work to be done if you’re to impress Google. By adding a blog and publishing a 500-600 word post at least once every week, you’ll add serious depth of content, and if you ensure each post is relevant and well-written, Google will soon take note.

2. You can spotlight your products

Ecommerce blogs are great places for product reviews.

You don’t have to write reams of text, either – you could do a video review or focus on lots of detailed, captioned imagery of the product in question.

Potential customers will be looking for reviews of your products, and while there will doubtless be plenty of user-generated reviews you have little control over on sites like Amazon, your blog is where you can spotlight your products in a way you see fit.

3. You’ll create a more interesting, approachable brand

Business blogs are designed to create a persona for the organisation in question that is seen as knowledgeable, interesting and approachable by the outside world.

If your website is simply a shop front with in-built shopping cart functionality, it’s nothing more than a fancy catalogue. Why should people choose your store over the myriad of competitors? Start blogging and give your business some personality!

4. It’ll become a core part of your content marketing strategy

Content marketing is all about building a highly-engaged audience by delivering free, unique and relevant content – regularly.

One day, members of that engaged audience are likely to become paying customers, but to get them to that point, you need to build a layer of trust, and a blog is the perfect place to do that.

You may not want to call your blog a ‘blog’ – and that’s fine. In fact, if you label it ‘resources’ or  ‘knowledge base’, you can show the world that you’re far more than ‘just’ an online store.

The Idle Man, for example, do this to great effect by regularly publishing guides that relate to their range of clothing.

5. You’ll have somewhere to answer customer queries

If you’re forever receiving emails from customers that are duplicates of queries you’ve received before, you could use the blog section of your website to answer those common questions.

In doing so, you’ll deliver something that your audience wants and again demonstrate that you’re on the pulse and entirely customer-focused.

Wrapping up

Have I convinced you to set up a blog for your ecommerce website? Great! Get writing – you won’t regret it.

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