5 reasons I’ll be starting a podcast for my micro business

I’ve long been a fan of podcasts. Whether I’m walking the dog, pounding out the kilometres on the treadmill or driving to the local shop, I’ll regularly turn to one of the many podcast subscriptions I have to keep me company.

I’m also a content marketer, and it would seem remiss of me if I don’t get involved in this fascinating form of content myself. So, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing this year!

I didn’t have to look far to find an excuse to start my own podcast, but I’ve put together five of the most compelling below:

1. I want to build an audience – not a bunch of potential customers

Woah, there – what am I talking about? I’m running a business! Why on earth would I actively seek to attract a bunch of people who aren’t potential customers?

The reason is simple; podcasting is a form of content marketing, and that involves building an audience of engaged subscribers who enjoy listening to the stuff you publish. Sure, some of them may well become customers or recommend me to their friends, but that isn’t the reason I’m doing this.

I’m starting a podcast because I want to take advantage of a platform that will allow me to reach a significant number of people. It’s not an ego play, either – I simply feel that I’ve got a lot to say on a given topic and would love the chance to broadcast my thoughts.

2. It’s a great, low-cost way to produce content

I’ll let you into a little secret: beyond content marketing, I’m a bit of a studio nerd. I’ve had my own bedroom recording studio since I was a kid and have always been fascinated by the science of making sounds.

This means I’ve got the kit I need to produce podcast content. However, that makes me something of an exception to the rule, because most podcasters start their journey into this medium with the most basic of tools.

A £50 microphone, free piece of audio editing software and low-cost monthly podcast hosting platform is all you need to get started, which makes podcasting a brilliant, cost-effective way to produce great content.

3. It’s a convenient way for people to engage with me

According to Edison Research, over thirty-five million people in the US listened to podcasts during 2016.

Let that sink in for a moment. It means podcast listening has increased from 11% to 36% in America alone and suggests this is a medium people love engaging with. That must also mean it’s incredibly easy to interact with, and being an avid podcast listener myself, I can absolutely confirm that’s the case.

Apple ships iPhones with the podcasting app installed by default for a reason.

4. It’ll help me learn new skills

It’s no secret that when I publish my podcast, it’ll be the first podcast I’ve ever published. Therefore, its production will be a significant learning curve and a skillset I expect to build over time.

That’s exciting, but perhaps more intriguing will be the stuff I’ll learn from listeners. As the audience hopefully grows, I’ll ask for feedback and questions, from which I expect to learn a great deal.

Podcasting is a community-driven form of media, enabling both the listener and presenter to benefit in equal measure. From my perspective, that’s reason enough to get cracking!

5. Because I can!

When boiled down, I want to get into podcasting because I can. Much like video production, there are no longer any significant technical or logistical barriers blocking my path.

Just as the blog post you’re reading has been published in an era of creativity which is encouraging more and more people to become producers of content, podcasting is something that is available to everyone. And, sometimes, if you want to do something simply because you can, that’s no bad thing at all – who knows where it’ll lead?

Wrapping up

Have I tempted you to get involved in podcasting? I do hope so. If you’ll be hitting the digital airwaves yourself, remember to pop back here and tell me all about your experiences in the comments section, below.

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