Marketing Services in Northampton

Hi, I’m Mark Ellis, a content marketer and marketing consultant based in Northampton.

Every piece of work we produce as part of our marketing services in Northampton – be it a blog post, event photo, video, podcast, full website or single tweet – is lovingly-crafted, engaging and genuinely unique; Business Fiction does not deal in copy and paste.

We offer bespoke content marketing, videography, blogging and social media management services for businesses of all sizes. Highly experienced at writing awesome, engaging web copy, we can also develop content for full websites and email marketing campaigns.

Fancy adding the brilliant podcasting medium to your marketing strategy? We’ll help produce, present, edit and publish your show to create maximum impact, and we can do the same for video.

In fact, we just love creating content for the web. Plus, you’ve got better things to be doing, right?

Equally, if you’d like to talk strategy or finally make headway with the marketing for your business, I have over ten years’ experience I’d love to share with you.

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